8-13 June 2004

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Lima, capital of Peru. My first port of call on the South American continent after a flight from Mexico.

Plaza de Armas - the main square. There's a fountain in the middle, and it is surrounded by yellow council buildings, a government palace, and the cathedral.

The Cathedral - a very grand old structure with massive wooden doors and statues.

Church of San Francisco - where curiously, hundreds of pigeons nest on the walls and the courtyard. I had a wander inside among its cloisters and rooms.

Council buildings - bright yellow, and with interesting protruding window cases.

Palacio Justicia - the behemoth of a building that comprises the law courts, and the walkway in front of it.

Larco Mar - the trendy area by the seaside with shops and eateries. Some good views out to sea if not for the constant fog obliterating the horizon.

The Barrons - siblings Liz, Armando, and Natali my friend. I stayed at their house. Here we are at a restaurant dining on a favourite Peruvian snack of anticuchos (beef hearts) and chicha morada (purple corn juice).

Jerome Chik 2005

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