Lake Titicaca

15-18 June 2004

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Lake Titicaca - the highest navigable lake in the world sitting between Peru and Bolivia.

Puno - The Peruvian town on the edge of the lake. I made my trip onto the lake from here to check out the various islands and communities that inhabit the lake.

Floating islands of Uros - I visited this community of islands made entirely out of reeds. The inhabitants have lived like this for several hundred years. Even their boats are made of reeds.

Amantani - We stayed the night on this island, with a native Quechuan family. My roommate was Brian, from Scotland. We were given this quaint little room with very small doorways, no electricity, and candles for light.

At night we were made to dress in traditional costumes and danced with the locals.

Taquile - The next day we stopped at this island for a bit of a hike around it, before heading back to Puno. The vastness of the lake can be seen from high up the island.

Jerome Chik 2005

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